In Which Areas Are Marketers Using Customer Feedback?

April 21, 2020

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UserTesting Impt Areas for Customer Feedback Updated Apr2020When it comes to content, a healthy majority of marketers agree that the content they create impacts their company’s overall customer experience. But they also recognize that it’s important that they should get customer feedback before launching such content, per the results of a study [download page] by UserTesting.

The research, based on a survey of marketers, researchers, designers and other professionals, explored a number of areas related to customer feedback, collateral and experience. As it stands, respondents feel that customer feedback is important before a variety of marketing deliverables go live.

Top of the list is pricing. According to the chart data, some 7 in 10 (71%) feel that getting input here is important. This point certainly has merit, as consumer studies have consistently shown that price comes at the top of the list for a whole variety of decisions – from choosing new brands or products in general through to food and beverage purchases and new retailers to shop from.

Other factors with similar levels of agreement on importance include product names (71%), along with campaigns (70%) and A/B test variants (70%). But even though content is an area where professionals want customer agreement, they may be less concerned with the minutiae of feedback, as only 4 in 10 (39%) said that it was important to get feedback on marketing copy/text.

There also appears to be a gap between what marketers see as being important for feedback, and the share that actually take action on it most of the time. For example, although most see pricing as being important, slightly fewer than half (47%) use such feedback more than 60% of the time before it goes live. Similar figures are reported in the other top areas, such as A/B variants (46%) and campaigns (45%).

So, what might be behind this? Even though three-quarters (76%) of respondents claim that they are empowered to gather customer feedback, it may be the fact that with so much to fit into the day, marketers simply don’t have the time or resources to get everything done that they would like to. This may also explain why of all those surveyed, only around one-third said that their firm’s approach to customer experience was proactive.

The full report can be downloaded here.

About the Data: Results are based on a survey of 7,600 professionals across a range of business areas involved with customer experience. Figures have been calculated from charts provided in the report.

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