B2B Marketers Are Using A Variety of ABM Content Delivery Approaches

November 23, 2021
DemandGenReport ABM Delivery Channels Nov2021

How are B2B marketers going about mastering a successful B2B account-based marketing (ABM) strategy? The latest report [download page] from Demand Gen Report, MOI, Rollwords, Salesforce and Triblio delves into this from a variety of angles, finding that most ABM marketers are creating assets tailored to specific industries, roles and account challenges and needs.

For the most part, marketers are relying on case studies, articles or blogs, white papers and guides or e-books for their ABM efforts. The report also notes that several survey respondents wrote in that they were using webinars for ABM. This stands to reason considering that webinars were named as one of the best-performing B2B content assets in the past year.

Per the report, as part of their ABM initiatives, most B2B marketers are offering targeted executive event invitations and sales meeting invitations, while more than a third are providing video contetn and interactive content tailored by industry or role.

As for how marketers are delivering this content, email is by far the most used delivery channel — cited by 91% of survey respondents. Other top delivery channels include account-based advertising (66%), in-person events (64%) and outbound tele-prospecting (53%). Half are using direct mail to reach their target audience.

Most marketers aren’t doing all this alone. More than 7 in 10 (73%) say they are currently or planning to use an agency partner to assist in areas such as developing content assets, setting overall ABM strategy and overall ABM execution.

Using metrics such as the number of qualified leads, net-new accounts engaged and contribution to pipeline revenue to measure their ABM efforts, more than half (53%) say they are satisfied with the impact their ABM efforts are having on meeting organizational expectations. They also say that ABM has positively impacted sales and marketing alignment, efficient use of marketing resources, while also building stronger, more trustworthy relationships.

Find the full report here.

About the Data: Findings are based on an October survey of 308 B2B marketing executives and professionals of various roles across industries.


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