What’s the Average Order Value for E-Commerce Stores?

July 18, 2019

While US online retailers don’t see the highest average order values, their customers buy nearly twice as many items per purchase (6) compared to shoppers in other countries (2-3), per a new report from Shopify. Some 14% of global consumers are also repeat shoppers, with 62 million buying from the same store twice.

Before exploring these figures in depth, it’s important to note however that Shopify is not the only e-commerce platform on the market. As such, retailers running on other systems (many of which include the largest online stores) aren’t included in this analysis.

With that caveat in mind, which country is spending the most online? Shopify’s global survey of more than 3,800 merchants using their platform, as well as an examination of global sales data on Shopify, found that consumers in Japan spent the most on average per transaction ($141.72), followed by Canada ($100.66) and Singapore ($91.09). The US ranked fifth out of the 10 countries examined with consumers spending about $81.26 per online transaction. Shoppers in the UK and France spend the least per transaction ($67.13 and $65.04, respectively).

US shoppers also join shoppers from Canada, Australia, China and the UK in using all three available mediums (computers, tablets and mobile phones) to shop online. Shopify does point out that features and technologies available in the different regions could have an impact over the preferred shopping device in other countries.

Prior research has shown that US shoppers are becoming more comfortable using their mobiles for shopping. However, while US Millennials are more inclined to use their smartphones for shopping online, more than two-thirds (69%) of adult US shoppers still prefer to shop using a computer.

Despite all the good news surrounding the state of online shopping, merchants still face some challenges. For more than 30% of survey respondents, marketing is considered one of the biggest challenges with building a brand (22%) being the next biggest challenge for retailers.

To read more about online commerce, you can download the report here.

About the Data: The report is based on a subsection of global sales data on Shopify from April 2018 to April 2019, an online global survey of 3,832 Shopify merchants in March 2019 and quantitative and qualitative research on consumers in Canada and the United States in December 2018, including interviews and an online survey of 2,653 consumers.


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