Mom Bloggers More Likely to Be SocNet Addicts

November 10, 2008

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Mothers who read and contribute to blogs are more active online, more receptive to online marketing and more likely to be involved in social networking than the rest of their US mothering peers, according to research from Lucid Marketing.


The “Social Media & Moms – Blogger Edition” study divides mothers into three categories based on their relationship with blogs, and examines their behavior as it relates to other online activities

  1. Blog Clueless: Moms who don’t read or know what a blog is.
  2. Blog Reader: Moms who read blogs, but don’t publish their own.
  3. Blogger/Blog Publisher: Moms who publish their own and read others.

The survey found that blogging moms most often cite socializing with others as their reason for going online, while moms who pay no attention to blogs report going online to find information. Mom bloggers also pay more attention to what their friends say online about a particular product, service or issue than other moms do.

Additional survey findings:

  • Mom bloggers are 71% more likely to indicate being addicted to a social network when compared with moms who know nothing about blogs.


  • Mom bloggers are more active online in such things as having fun, getting things done, researching topics and conversing with friends as compared with other moms.Many blog readers and bloggers feel their social network profile is an extension of their real identity.
  • When viewing ads online, relevance is rated by mom bloggers as the most important factor. Special offers and uniqueness of? ads rated lowest, suggesting advertisers should place more importance on media placement rather than creativity, according to Lucid.
  • All online moms check their personal email throughout the day and are more receptive to email when compared to other online marketing tactics.
  • All moms also prefer opt-in emails as the way for marketers to communicate with them, but bloggers are most likely to accept banner ads and promotions.


Based upon the research findings, “the attention that marketers are giving to online word of mouth and the importance of connecting with mom bloggers as influencers appears justified,” said Kevin Burke, founder of Lucid marketing.

About the survey: Survey data was gathered from 457 US women with children of various ages randomly recruited on the internet between August 12 and September 12, 2008. As an incentive, $5 for every 10 people who completed the survey was donated by Lucid marketing to the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.


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