Relevance a Key Factor For Driving Increased Mobile Ad Attention

July 5, 2012

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prosper-mobile-ad-factors-increasing-attention-july2012.pngRoughly one-third of smartphone and tablet users say they would be more likely to pay attention to an ad on their device if the ad’s topic was relevant to them, per results [download page] from a Prosper Mobile Insights survey released in July 2012. Closely following is the proportion saying that fewer ads overall (31.4%) would likely spur greater attention levels. Other factors that would make respondents more likely to pay attention to ads on their devices include them looking funny (28.4%), looking informative (24.2%), and containing animations that catch their eye (23.9%).

4 in 10 Pay More Attention to Video Ads

Although just 11.5% of the respondents said video makes them more likely to pay attention to an ad, slightly more than 4 in 10 said that are more likely to pay attention to a video ad versus a standard on their device. The most popular reasons given by respondents for paying more attention to video ads are that they are more likely to grab their attention (51.3%), they are more enjoyable than standard ads (34.5%), and that many do not let them click away until at least part of the ad has been viewed (30.4%).

Banner Ads and Sponsored Stories Most Regularly Noticed

Further data from the Prosper Mobile Insights survey indicates that 11.2% of smartphone and tablet owners regularly pay attention to sponsored stories or links on their device, while a further 32.6% at least occasionally do so. A significant proportion of device owners also appear to frequently (8.2%) or occasionally (32.3%) pay attention to banner ads. Interestingly, 64% of respondents said they never notice video ads, slightly higher than the proportion who never notice ads playing before or during a video (60.7%), but less than the 71.3% who never notice pop-up ads.

According to survey results released in February 2012 by Google, 88% of US smartphone internet users say they at least rarely notice ads through a variety of contact points on their device.

Other Findings:

  • Female smartphone and tablet owners are 9% more likely than their male counterparts to say they never notice pop-up ads on their devices (74.3% vs. 68.1%).
  • Female device owners are more likely to pay attention to an ad if it is relevant (35.7% vs. 31.3%), looks funny (32.7% vs. 23.8%), or has animations that catch their eye (25.1% vs. 22.5%). Men are more likely to be pay attention to ads that contain video (13.1% vs. 9.9%).
  • When asked which web-based activities they perform using only their mobile device (instead of any other internet-capable device), 51.1% of respondents said they check email only on their mobile. A high proportion also said they search the internet (45.3%), access Facebook (42.3%), and instant message (34.4%) only on their mobile device. Overall, about 7 in 10 respondents indicated that they performed at least one of the identified activities only on their device.

About the Data: The Prosper Mobile Insights survey was conducted from June 19-22 among 331 smartphone and tablet users on their device.

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