No Purchase Timeline Most Frequent Complaint About Low-Quality Online Leads

October 11, 2012

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At companies with marketing budgets under $1 million, the most consistent feedback marketers receive about low-quality leads generated through online marketing is the lack of a timeline to purchase, finds LoopFuse [download page] in its “Marketing Outlook” survey, released in October. Just over half of survey respondents report this feedback, while other common complaints about low-quality leads are they are not the decision makers, or that the prospects had no interest in the product or service being offered (each at 29.7%).

Roughly 1 in 5 report complaints involving the lead not being qualified upon agreed criteria. The same proportion report complaints about lack of qualification based on opinion.

These complaints occur despite the fact that 72% of surveyed companies have agreed-upon definitions of qualified leads between marketing and sales. Yet only 4 in 10 survey respondents use a marketing automation system for automated lead nurturing and scoring. A recent report from the Lenskold Group found that B2B lead gen marketers using automation reported increased quality of leads passed to sales.

Lead scoring in fact was last among the LoopFuse respondents’ marketing priorities. When asked to rank 11 online marketing activities in order of importance, capturing leads with forms and landing pages was #1 and scoring leads to prioritize for sales engagement #11. Rounding out the top five were sending one-off email marketing campaigns; understanding web visitors to see who is returning and what they are doing; conducting email nurturing (or “drip”) campaigns; and providing return-on-investment (ROI) reporting for lead generation programs.

About The Data: Loopfuse surveyed 130 marketers between September and October 2012, each of whom was from companies with marketing budgets under $1 million per year.


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