Almost 1 in 2 Say They Click Facebook Ads Accidentally

October 17, 2012

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Almost half of Facebook users say they accidentally clicking on Facebook ads at least some of the time, according to Sterne Agee in October 2012 survey results. While most of those (38.7%) overall say they only do so some of the time, 8% say they do so at least half the time. These Facebook users don’t appear to be very receptive to advertising, either. About two-thirds of respondents find the ads annoying, ranging from slightly annoying (24.2%) to moderately (19.4%) and extremely (23.1%) annoying. Still, 25.9% are neutral, describing the ads as neither helpful nor annoying. 5.7% find them slightly helpful, while no one reported finding them extremely helpful.

Users Like The Mobile App, Not The Ads

Respondents were generally positive about Facebook’s mobile application. Of those who use the app, just 7% say they are not at all satisfied with the experience. A plurality (44.5%) describe themselves as moderately satisfied, while 25.2% are very satisfied and 7.9% extremely satisfied.

Perhaps it is the smaller screen of mobile devices, but fully 6 in 10 respondents report accidentally clicking on ads in the Facebook mobile app. Some 47.1% report doing so some of the time on the mobile app, and 8.7% about half the time. Just 1.0% does so most of the time, and 2.9% all the time.

Many of these mobile app users also find the ads annoying: in fact, about 4 in 10 said they are extremely annoying, a greater percentage than found them moderately (18.3%) or slightly annoying (26.9%). Just 2.9% found them slightly helpful, but none, moderately or extremely helpful.

About The Data: Sterne Agee conducted a week-long survey of more than 750 Facebook users in the US across various age groups/income levels and a near-equal ratio of men (54%) and women (46%). The data for this survey was collected using SurveyMonkey Audience.


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