Premium Content Publishers Favored Over Facebook For Brand-Focused Ad Campaigns

November 8, 2012

Agencies and marketers rate premium content publishers higher than Facebook for brand-focused advertising, according to [pdf] the Online Publishers Association (OPA), in survey results released November 2012. For example, respondents were more likely to favor premium content publishers in areas such as brand safety (71% vs. 36%), capturing audience attention (63% vs. 29%), providing cross-platform opportunities (60% vs. 29%), and viewability of ads (59% vs. 42%).

As data from “Branding on Display” reveals, 78% of agencies and marketing decision-makers report positive brand-advertising experiences overall through premium content publishers, compared to 51% who say the same about Facebook. Survey results released in July found that marketers and advertisers (not limited to brand-focused advertisers) are turning their attention away from Facebook and increasingly focusing their attention elsewhere on the internet.

Premium Content Publishers Deliver on Brand Goals

Return-on-investment (ROI) can be a fairly elusive measure in brand advertising. Still, 55% of the OPA survey respondents believe they are able to measure the ROI of brand-focused campaigns through premium-content publishers, roughly double the proportion (27%) who feel the same about Facebook.

Overall, respondents rate premium publishers as better able to deliver on top brand-focused goals. When presented with 9 such goals and asked to rank the top 3 media types that best deliver the desired goals, premium publishers beat out social media in each, including increasing brand preference (84% vs. 54%), brand favorability (81% vs. 54%), purchase intent (78% vs. 50%), and generating clicks to a landing page (62% vs. 37%).

Overall, 47% of respondents feel that premium content publishers are the best media for brand-focused ad campaigns versus 16% who prefer social media, 13% preferring video ad networks and 11% preferring portals.

Other Findings:

  • 63% of those who rated premium content publishers as their best advertising vehicle for conducting brand-focused digital advertising campaigns say the vehicle best achieves their branding objectives. Just 27% who rated social media their best vehicle identified this reason.
  • Agencies and marketers responding to the survey are most interested in reaching Gen X (30-44; 74%), Baby Boomers (45-65; 56%), and Gen Y/Millennials (20-29; 48%). They are less interested in reaching mothers (19%), seniors (65+; 9%) and Hispanics (8%).
  • Respondents are slightly more likely to think that premium content publishers rather than social media are the best way to reach Gen X (27% vs. 24%). In terms of reaching Baby Boomers, premium content publishers are the easy winner (45% vs. 5%), while social media is considered the best way to reach Gen Y/Millennials (56% vs. 13%).

About The Data: The study was conducted by Advertiser Perceptions on behalf of the OPA. An online survey of 251 marketers and advertising agency executives was conducted between August 7, 2012 and August 15, 2012. Participants were required to be involved in video and display advertisement decision-making, have a $1 million minimum digital ad spend over that past 12 months and be involved in brand-focused advertising.


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