Big Data Platforms Hold Big Promise For Future Ad Performance

November 15, 2012

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More than 3 in 4 advertisers, marketers, publishers, technology developers and marketing service providers surveyed by [pdf] the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and the Winterberry Group believe that data management platforms (DMPs) will play either a “critical role” or a “major supporting” role in bettering marketing and advertising efforts over the long-run. DMPs – which act as hubs for the collection, integration, management, and activation of big data – will see interest particularly from those looking to improve ad targeting effectiveness. 87% of respondents said that this would contribute to demand for DMP solutions.

Other enterprise needs that respondents believe will drive interest in DMPs include: embracing the shift to media “audience buying” (83%); aggregating connected customer insights (81%); automating digital media buying (74%); and optimizing media buying efficiencies (73%).

More than half say that DMPs will help connect traditional and digital data in a compliant way. That’s significant, given the importance that many assign to offline data for digital ad targeting.

Most of the IAB and Winterberry Group survey respondents believe that the current core competencies of the DMP are its integration of 1st- and 3rd-party data (85%), segmentation (79%), digital data aggregation (77%), and audience analytics (73%), while 52% point to integration of digital and traditional data. Interestingly, while data integration appears to be the most commonly-perceived current core competency (more so than audience analytics), respondents believe that enhanced audience analytics will generate the most demand for DMP solutions.

Customer Insights Most Important DMP Application

A recent study from IBM and Oxford University revealed that most professionals’ big-data activities are focused on customer-centric outcomes, and the IAB and Winterberry Group confirms that virtually all (93%) of the marketers and advertisers surveyed see customer insight development as an important priority for future DMP support. Beyond this, respondents see targeted media buying (90%), campaign/channel attribution (86%), emerging channel deployment (84%), and multichannel integration and optimization (84%) as the most important applications, which speaks to the attitudes about targeting and integration seen in the other survey responses.

DMP solutions have some ways to go, however. While many pointed to channel optimization and campaign channel attribution as important applications, just 45% and 44%, respectively, said these applications are currently at least “generally” supported by existing DMP technology.

Other Findings:

  • 92% of respondents said interest in DMPs has increased over the past year at their organizations or their clients’ organizations.
  • Slightly more than 6 in 10 report that their company has already implemented a DMP or plans to in the next 12 months.

About the Data: The IAB and Winterberry Group data is based on a survey of 163 marketers, publishers, technology developers and solution providers. The survey was conducted between July and September 2012.


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