Mobile Share of Web Traffic Jumped in Q4 2012

January 9, 2013

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WalkerSands-Percent-Web-Traffic-Mobile-Devices-Q42011-Q42012-Jan2013The percentage of website traffic coming from mobile devices jumped from 17.5% in Q3 2012 to 23.1% in Q4 2012, according to a new report from Walker Sands. That 23.1% share represents an 84% hike from 12.6% in Q4 2011, and is based on an examination of web analytics data across a range of Walker Sands’ B2B and B2C clients across multiple industries. The rate of growth outpaces smartphone adoption growth over that time frame, suggesting that consumers are spending more time accessing the internet from their mobile phones. That trend doesn’t appear to be easing, either. Results from a Prosper Mobile Insights survey released this month showed that 34.7% of American smartphone and tablet owners surveyed said they would spend more time this year with their devices, compared to just 5.7% who said they would spend less. Although a plurality of mobile time is spent texting, connected activities such as social networking and browser access account for more than 10% of mobile time, according to Nielsen.

It’s worth noting that the Walker Sands figures are higher than those from StatCounter, which estimated mobile’s share of December web traffic to be 14.5% globally and 13.6% in the US.

Apple Reigns in Platform Breakdown

The Walker Sands report also breaks down mobile traffic by platform, finding that 35% of traffic in Q4 2012 came from the iPhone, up 4% points from 31% share a year earlier. The share of traffic generated from the iPad grew by 1% point, to 17%, meaning that iOS devices accounted for a majority 52% share of mobile traffic.

Android and BlackBerry moved in the opposite direction, with the former down 3% points to 43% share, and the latter down 2% points to 2% share.


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