More Email Opens and Clicks Are Now Occurring in the First Day Post-Delivery

March 14, 2013

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Experian-Email-Speed-of-Response-Mar2013An analysis of email speed of response by Experian Marketing Services reveals that between 2010 and 2012, the proportion of opens and clicks received in the first day increased by an average of 5-6%. The findings, contained in Experian’s Q4 2012 Email Marketing Benchmark Study [download page], are attributed to the “immediacy of mobile,” as the share of opens occurring on a mobile device continues to grow.

Looking at some selected findings from the Experian report, the data shows that in December 2012, 78% of total opens were received on the first day post-delivery, up from 76% in December 2011 and 74% in December 2010. The same pattern applied to the percentage of total clicks, up from 76% in December 2010 to 80% in December 2012.

Immediacy is not limited to a single day, either, according to previous research from GetResponse. That study found that during the first half of 2012, opt-in emails got most opens within the first hour of delivery, at 23.6% share, dropping to 9.5% in the second hour.

For marketers looking to time their deployments for mobile opens, a study released in October 2012 by TailoredMail indicated that mobile email opens and clicks tend to peak around mealtimes, suggesting that consumers are actively checking email when they are away from their desktops.


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