Integration of Social Apps and Curated Content Into Websites Said to Boost User Engagement

July 29, 2013

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Livefyre-Benefits-Integrating-Social-Apps-Curated-Content-July2013Businesses that integrate mature real-time social applications (such as sharing widgets, real-time comments, live blogs and live chat applications) into their websites claim a variety of benefits, according to a study from Livefyre. Among the 73% of respondents who reported integrating such apps, virtually all (95%) cited some benefit, most commonly greater user engagement with their brand (88%) and direct connection with their audience (54%). Roughly 4 in 10 said they had seen an increase in average site visit duration (42%) and website traffic (41%).

Businesses that curate social activity about their brand and integrate it into their websites and mobile apps report similar results. 82% said they increased user engagement as a result, while 57% have seen a bump in website traffic, and 56% are connecting directly with their audience.

Respondents appear to be favoring Twitter for real-time social content on their websites, with 93% curating such content, compared to 89% for Facebook. Significantly fewer are displaying curated YouTube videos (50%) and Instagram pictures (41%).

About the Data: The Livefyre Q2 2013 Social Market Trends survey was an online poll, which gathered feedback from over 200 executives in a wide range of industries from May 30 to June 30, 2013.

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