Average Mobile Page Load Time For A Fortune 100 Company Is About 5 Seconds

October 10, 2013

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TheSearchAgency-Fortune100-Average-Page-Load-Speed-on-Smartphone-Oct2013The average time it takes to load a Fortune 100 company homepage on a smartphone is about 5 seconds, according to new research [download page] from The Search Agency. That’s actually better than the average mobile page, which typically takes more than 7 seconds to load, according to Google, which recommends a load speed of 1 second or less. In fact, just 16 of the Fortune 100 companies have load speeds of under 1 second, per The Search Agency.

Many of the companies haven’t yet optimized for mobile devices, per the study. Of the 100, only 9 employ responsive design, while another 47 have a dedicated mobile site. That leaves 44 simply using a desktop site.

Interestingly, while average page load speeds were much quicker on dedicated mobile sites (2.9 seconds) than on desktop sites accessed via a smartphone (6.57 seconds), those using responsive design had the slowest load speeds, timing out at an average of 8.4 seconds.

Based on 5 weighted criteria (load speed; site format; calculated download speed; social media presence on the homepage; and application presence on the homepage), the average score for all companies was 2.31 on a 5-point scale. Coca-Cola and FedEx emerged as the top companies on this particular mobile experience scorecard, each with a score of 4.49.

About the Data: A detailed methodology can be found in the research document linked to above.


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