Google Still Has A Bigger Digital Audience Than Yahoo

November 4, 2013

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comScore-Top-10-Multi-Platform-Properties-in-September-Nov2013A couple of months ago, figures released by comScore showing Yahoo overtaking Google as the largest desktop property in the US caused quite a stir. But that data – as noted at the time – was limited to desktop-only visitors, and subsequent figures provided by comScore indicated that the inclusion of mobile audience counts returned Google to the top spot. Now, comScore has publicly released its list of top “multi-platform properties,” which measure a property’s total digital population, including smartphone and tablet visitors. Google remains on top.

During the month of September, Google boasted a multi-platform audience that numbered almost 228.2 million, or about 94.4% of the total digital audience of 241.8 million. That was about 5-and-a-half million more than Yahoo’s total of 222.6 million. Considering that the desktop-only figures for September had Yahoo ahead by about 6 million unique visitors, it’s clear that Google has a sizable lead over Yahoo in the mobile area.

To be fair, comScore’s figures for Yahoo don’t yet incorporate Tumblr’s total digital audience, which numbered 47.4 million in September. However, it’s not possible to simply add that figure to the current Yahoo total – as that would result in a total tally higher than the entire digital audience. It remains to be seen how the inclusion of Tumblr will affect Yahoo’s overall digital audience numbers.

Meanwhile, each of the top 10 desktop-only properties remained in the top 10 multi-platform properties list, though their rankings changed a little. Microsoft (192 million total digital population) and Facebook (182.1 million) retained their #3 and #4 rankings, respectively, while Amazon (162.6 million) overtook AOL (156.1 million) for the 5th spot. Apple rose from the 10th to the 7th spot (130.5 million) when factoring in mobile counts, while CBS moved up a spot to #8 (118 million). Glam Media fell from the 7th position in the desktop rankings to the 10th (116.1 million) in the multi-platform rankings, with Wikimedia also taking a step back to the 9th spot (116.8 million).

Other Findings:

  • While Pinterest’s desktop-only counts have been declining – with its ranking dropping all the way to #50 – it’s doing better in the multi-platform count, with a total digital audience of 44.2 million (compared to the desktop count of 24.9 million).
  • Each of the top social sites (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest) increased their multi-platform audiences from the prior month.

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