Google’s Top Search Trends of 2014, and Other Year-in-Review Lists

December 23, 2014

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Google-Top-Trending-Searches-in-2014-Dec2014The death in August of Robin Williams made the actor the top trending search term of the year both in the US and globally, says Google in its 2014 Year in Search report, marking the third consecutive year that the passing of an iconic (albeit in different respects) figure was the top trending search topic. Unlike in years past, though, 2014 did not feature a tech device in the top trending topics, though news events figured prominently.

Following Robin Williams, the year’s top trending search topics in the US were:

  • World Cup;
  • Ebola;
  • Malaysian Airlines;
  • Flappy Bird;
  • ALS Ice Bucket Challenge;
  • ISIS;
  • Ferguson;
  • Frozen; and
  • Ukraine.

Eight of the top 10 search trends from the US also appeared on the list of top trending search terms globally. The only two top trending topics from the US that were not on the global list were Ferguson (#8) and Ukraine (#10), replaced by Conchita Wurst (#7 on the global list) and the Sochi Olympics (#10).

In terms of global news, Ebola and ISIS were the top trending topics, followed by Malaysia Airlines, Crimea/Ukraine and Ferguson.

Below, a brief selection of top-5 lists from around the world and in the US (trending search unless otherwise noted).

  • Consumer Electronics – Global

1. iPhone 6
2. Samsung Galaxy S5
3. Nexus 6
4. Moto G
5. Samsung Note 4

  • People – Global

1. Jennifer Lawrence
2. Kim Kardashian
3. Julie Gayet
4. Tracy Morgan
5. Renee Zellweger

  • IPOs – US

1. Alibaba IPO
2. GoPro IPO
3. King Digital IPO
4. Virgin America IPO
5. Castlight Health IPO

  • Places on Google Maps – US (note: most searched, not trending)

1. Walmart
2. Starbucks
3. Target
4. McDonald’s
5. Home Depot

  • TV Shows – US

1. Game of Thrones
2. True Detective
3. Orange is the New Black
4. The Following
5. American Horror Story

Other Year-in-Review Lists

Of course, Google was one of several properties to take a look at the year past. Below is a brief rundown of some of the highlights from other such lists, with a link to each.


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