Marketers’ Data Collection and Consumers’ Willingness to Share “At Odds”

December 16, 2015

SAPhybrisForrester-Customer-Data-Collection-Sharing-Willingness-Dec2015Source: SAP hybris / Forrester Consulting [download page]

    Notes: About three-quarters of consumers surveyed worldwide report being somewhat or very comfortable with companies using data about them to provide personalized experiences, per a new study from SAP hybris and Forrester Consulting. However, the report finds considerable differences between what marketers are collecting and what consumers are willing to share. For example, more than 8 in 10 marketers surveyed indicate that they collect customers’ phone numbers (84%) and email addresses (84%), but just 28% of consumers are willing to share their phone numbers to get personalized offers and content.

    In fact, of the top 15 customer data types collected by marketers (each collected by more than 6 in 10 marketers), just 4 are types that a majority of consumers feel comfortable sharing.

    The study’s authors caution that consumer willingness to share can be “at odds” with companies’ customer data collection practices, though they also note that “the bottom line is that customers expect companies to deliver value in exchange for supplying personal information.”

    Separately, the survey results indicate that close to 7 in 10 consumers surveyed globally believe that in-store offers based on purchase history (69%) and in-store offers via a mobile device (67%) are relevant and personalized, though fewer (52%) feel the same way about product suggestions on the company/brand website based on what others have purchased. And while 73% of marketers use email to extend personalized experiences to customers, only half of respondents said that the emails they receive are relevant and personalized.

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        About the Data: The survey methodology is described in the report as follows:

        “In this study, Forrester conducted two global (US, APAC, and EMEA) online surveys: one of 200 advertising and marketing professionals at midlevel to large organizations (500 or more employees) and the other of 1,200 consumers, to examine personalized marketing practices and consumer preferences and experiences around contextual offers and content. Respondents were offered a small incentive as a thank you for time spent on the survey. The study began in June 2015 and was completed in July 2015.”


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