Most Effective – and Difficult – Tactics Used in Email List Strategies

January 25, 2016

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Ascend2-Effective-Difficult-Email-List-Tactics-Jan2016Source: Ascend2 and its Research Partners [download page]

    Notes: Increasing email list quality ranks as a more important goal of an email list strategy than increasing list size, according to an Ascend2 survey of 245 marketing influencers around the world (65% B2B). The majority (55%) of respondents report that their email list is growing in size, though fewer (46%) say their list quality is increasing. When asked the most effective tactic used to achieve email list strategy success, respondents pointed first to email-specific landing pages (53%), followed by content download registrations (46%).

    Many (41%) also noted the effectiveness of email and social media integrations, although this tactic also emerged as the most difficult to executive of the 7 options provided.

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        About the Data: The results are based on a survey conducted among 245 marketing influencers during the week of January 4, 2016. Some 45% of respondents come from companies with at least 50 employees. Almost two-thirds (65%) count B2B as their primary marketing channel, with 20% primarily B2C and the remaining 15% B2B and B2C equally.


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