More Than 30% of US Marketers’ Emails This Year Have Not Reached Inboxes

August 12, 2016

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ReturnPath-US-Commercial-Email-Deliverability-Rates-Aug2016US marketers have a struggle on their hands this year when it comes to email deliverability, a Return Path analysis [download page] has found. Fewer than 70% of emails sent by US marketers have been delivered to the inbox, well below last year’s success rate and trailing the global average.

Over the 5-quarter period spanning from Q2 2015 through Q2 2016, 73% of US marketers’ commercial emails reached the inbox. But limiting the analysis to this year shows that just 68% were delivered to the inbox in Q1, with Q2 not faring much better (69%).

By comparison, marketers globally averaged a 79% deliverability rate over that same 5-month period. While deliverability rates are also down on a global basis this year, the 76-77% average during the first two quarters is above the US average by a considerable margin.

In fact, the US’ deliverability rate is the lowest of the 8 countries highlighted in the report, with Australia (90%) leading the pack.

The following shows the overall 5-quarter deliverability average across the 8 countries highlighted, sorted in descending order of success:

  • Australia: 90%
  • Canada: 89%
  • UK: 88%
  • France: 84%
  • Spain: 82%
  • Germany: 80%
  • Brazil: 79%
  • US: 73%

About the Data: Return Path analyzed a representative sample of more than 2.5 billion promotional email messages sent to consumers around the world between April 2015 and June 2016. Global and regional statistics are based on performance across more than 140 mailbox providers in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific regions.


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