On-Page Content Continues to be Considered the Most Effective SEO Tactic

November 14, 2017

SEO strategies are primarily concerned with increasing website traffic and improving search rankings, per results from an Ascend2 study [download page]. And in line with numerous reports on search ranking factors, marketers believe that content is the most effective SEO tactic to achieve those objectives.

There are different types of content development, though, and they carry vastly different perceptions among the marketers surveyed.

On-page content is considered to be effective by more marketers than any of the other SEO tactics outlined, whereas off-page content development and optimization is perceived to be effective by the fewest respondents (57% and 10%, respectively).

Furthermore, while on-page content is seen as being among the simplest tactics to execute, marketers are having more difficulty executing off-page content optimization.

Beyond content, marketers still see the value in keyword research: half see it as being among their most effective tactics, while relatively few deem it challenging to implement. That aligns with last year’s research on the topic, in which relevant content and keyword research were considered to be the most effective SEO tactics.

As for link-building (which appears to be decreasing in importance as a ranking factor), many marketers continue to believe in its effectiveness. However, it ranks as easily the most challenging SEO tactic among the marketers surveyed.

Overall, the report finds enthusiasm around SEO: 95% of respondents believe their SEO strategy is effective at achieving the objectives they’ve laid out, and almost 9 in 10 feel that the effectiveness of their SEO tactics is improving. Perhaps as a result, some 91% of respondents plan to increase their SEO budgets next year.

About the Data: The Ascend2 data is based on a survey of 279 marketing influencers and research subscribers from around the world. Some 38% are from companies with more than 500 employees. Respondents are spread across a mix of B2B (44%), B2C (31%) and B2B & B2C (25%) companies.


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