App Retargeting Gains Traction, Accounts for the Majority of Shopping App Conversions

July 2, 2020

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AppsFlyer Retargeting Adoption Conversion Trends Jul2020More than one-third (35%) of app marketing conversions in early 2020 were the result of retargeting, and at least half of shopping apps have adopted retargeting. The increasing popularity of this tool among app marketers is explored in a recent report [download page] from AppsFlyer on the current state of app retargeting.

Industry-wide, retargeting’s share of conversions has increased, rising from 31.4% in January and February 2018 to 35.4% during the same months in 2019, with a marginal decline since then. This decline can likely be explained by the concurrent rise in retargeting adoption rate (the percentage of apps running retargeting campaigns), which increased from a cross-category average of 27.8% at the start of 2018 to 30.8% at the start of this year. As the report explains, when the number of apps using retargeting grows, the retargeting share per app is liable to decrease.

Notably, in North America, the Shopping vertical saw the healthiest increase in average retargeting share by some margin, accounting for the majority (63%) of conversions early this year – up from 51% in early 2019. Casual Gaming was the vertical with the lowest retargeting share (9%) and has also seen a steady decline in share since 2018. All other verticals analyzed (Travel apps were excluded from this report due to the impact of COVID-19) have either held steady or seen an overall increase in retargeting share over the last two years.

Globally, the Asia-Pacific region leads the way with the highest average share of retargeting conversions (36.4%), some 7 percentage points higher than in North America. This margin is likely linked to the APAC mobile market being more focused on Shopping, shown to be the vertical that invests most in retargeting.

Where time-frame is concerned, in January and February 2020 app marketers ran campaigns for up to 6 months, by which time 93% of users had been exposed to retargeting. That said, this figure is affected by the Shopping vertical which only retargets 15% of users within 14 days, compared to the early exposure of other verticals such as Finance (47%), Health and Fitness (45%) and Social (38%).

The full report can be found here.

About the Data: Findings are based on an analysis of 20K apps with more than 3K non-organic installs per month, excluding Travel apps.


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