Almost Half of Marketers Are Thinking About Dark Mode When Designing Emails

November 19, 2021

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Ascend2Pathwire Considering Dark Mode When Designing Emails Nov2021

Although dark mode isn’t new, it has started popping up as an option on smartphones, laptops and apps more often. And, with more people opting to turn their screens dark, close to half of marketing professionals are designing and developing emails specifically for dark mode at least some of the time, per a survey from Ascend2 and Pathwire. 

The survey of 120 marketing professionals indicates that while more than 4 in 10 are designing and developing emails specifically for dark mode always (11%) or some of the time (33%), the majority haven’t started to, but plan to (28%) or have no plans to do so (28%). Furthermore, it appears that B2C brands are somewhat more likely to be on board with designing emails for dark mode. About half (48%) of B2C brands are designing for dark mode, compared to two-fifths (39%) of B2B brands.

The hesitance to design emails specifically for dark mode may be due to some of the challenges respondents report encountering. Of the top three options chosen by respondents, optimizing logos and images stands out as the biggest challenge related to dark mode emails. Marketers are also finding it difficult to optimize code to render correctly and keep email design on-brand, while others are experiencing unsightly or unreadable color inversion. Some marketers say they are challenged by gauging dark mode’s usage or popularity among subscribers or seeing reduced email engagement from a poor experience. 

Although only about 1 in 10 marketers believe that they can improve the effectiveness of email by testing more, almost 6 in 10 (58% of) respondents say they test or preview emails in dark mode before launching a campaign all of the time (36%) or some of the time (23%). And, perhaps due to the challenges related to optimizing images and code or fixing the aesthetic issues, some 6 in 10 (62%) of those who design dark mode emails always test before sending, while one-third do so some of the time. 

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About the Data: Findings are based on an August survey of 120 marketing professionals.


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