Retailers Delivering Relevant Emails, People Say

July 24, 2017

People still prefer to receive communications from brands via email than through any other medium, finds Campaign Monitor in a recent survey. This is a long-standing preference that has been highlighted in other research, too. Of course it helps when those emails are relevant, and retailers seem to be doing well on this front, per the study’s results.

Indeed, roughly three-quarters of the adults surveyed for the report agreed that retail brands are sending relevant and accurate emails that reflect their shopping preferences, location or purchase history.

This is particularly important in retail, as research has found consumers saying that personalization highly influences their purchases.

A majority of people surveyed likewise agreed that entertainment (63%) and travel/hospitality (59%) brands are sending relevant emails.

A recent user journey analysis suggests that retail and travel/hospitality brands should employe scarcity and urgency techniques, as these were among the top-performing personalization tactics.

Email personalization can also help offset declining click rates: a recent study found that open, click and conversion rates were higher for personalized emails than for others.

Meanwhile, only half of the respondents said that media and publishing brands are sending them relevant emails.

Further data indicates that all those promotions being sent by retailers have at least one benefit: fueling opens. Indeed, almost three-quarters of the respondents said they’d open a retailer’s email based on a discount or deal.

About the Data: The results are based on a survey of 1,003 US adults (18+) conducted by Market Cube. All respondents own a smartphone, subscribe to at least business emails from at least 2 categories across retail, travel, and hospitality, entertainment, non-profit, and/or media and entertainment brands, and access personal email at least once a day.


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