Which App Categories Appeal to Which Age Groups?

August 28, 2017

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Social networking apps account for 1 in 5 minutes spent with apps, reveals comScore in its latest US Mobile App Report [download page], with Music apps close behind (18%). Mobile apps account for a sizable share of digital time for most content categories, with apps’ influence rising especially quickly in the News and Information area.

As of June, mobile apps accounted for 41% share of digital time spent with News and Information content, up from 35% last year.

Certain App Categories Appeal More to Some Age Groups

What’s interesting about the News and Information category is that it tends to attract an older user base.

Indeed, app users ages 55 and older are 7% more likely than the total app audience to use News apps such as Apple News. That makes this category the only one of 7 identified in which older users over-index the average.

By contrast – and not too surprisingly – Dating apps skew heavily towards a younger user. App users ages 18-24 are 70% more likely than the total app audience to be users of Dating apps such as Tinder.

The 35-54 bracket, meanwhile, over-indexes the most for Sports apps usage (index of 107).

Finally, given its wide reach (91% penetration with app users), it’s not surprising that the Social Networking category has the flattest distribution by age group.

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