These Are the Smartwatch Functions People Use the Most

August 21, 2017

Smartwatch owners primarily use their devices for notifications/texts and as activity trackers, with 54% and 45%, respectively, doing so on a daily basis. That’s according to the latest data released by NPD’s Connected Intelligence, which also reports growing use of smartwatches to control various media.

Specifically, roughly 1 in 5 smartwatch owners say they use their device every day to view photo and video (21%) and as a remote control for music (18%). Close behind, roughly 1 in 6 use their smartwatches for home automation (17%) and as a control for TV and video (15%).

Smartwatch Adoption

Overall, the NPD Group reports that almost 9% of adults own a smartwatch as of mid-year, up 1.5% points from a year earlier. The NPD Group forecasts solid growth in smartwatch ownership, reaching 15% adoption by 2019.

The likelihood of that forecast coming true would increase drastically should talks work out between Apple and health insurer Aetna to distribute the Apple Watch as a perk to plan members.

The growth forecast for smartwatches is also well above the broader wearables category, which is expected to grow by 9% (in unit sales) this year.

In other highlights from its report, the NPD Group notes that:

  • While smartwatch ownership skews male (60%), the gender gap has narrowed to its lowest point; and
  • Smartwatch adoption is highest – on an income basis – among adults with less than $45,000 in household income (34%).

About the Data: The NPD Group describes its methodology as follows:

“The results of the NPD Group Connected Intelligence Wearables Survey are based on consumer panel research that reached 5,000+ U.S. consumers, aged 18+ from diverse regions and demographical backgrounds. They reported on awareness, ownership, and intent to own various wearable devices. Additionally, consumers with awareness were asked follow up details including the features and functions that they expect to see in these devices. This survey was completed in June, 2017.”


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