Smart Speaker Penetration Expands

December 11, 2017

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Smart Speaker adoption reached 11% of US Wi-Fi households in October, marking a sizable increase from 8.1% in June, reports comScore in a recent data release. Penetration levels could surpass 15% – deemed a critical threshold – on the back of strong sales during the holiday season.

Indeed, the “Echo Dot – Black” page was the most-visited product page on Amazon during the week of November 20-26, a week which featured Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday. It was again the most-visited page the following week, which contained Cyber Monday.

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Separately, a survey from Jacobs Media Strategies, jācapps, and Sonic Ai found strong interest in purchasing a Smart Speaker this holiday season. Some 18% of online respondents ages 13 and older reported already owning a Smart Speaker, while 1 in 5 intends to buy a Smart Speaker this holiday season.

Interestingly, purchase intent was impressively high among current Smart Speaker owners: 61% intend to purchase one this holiday season.

Smart Speakers As Gateways to Smart Homes?

A previous analysis for comScore indicated that homes with Smart Speakers have an average of 12.8 devices. This latest study suggests that at least some of those devices might be Smart Home devices.

As it turns out, households that own Smart Speakers are more likely than the average to own a number of other Smart Home devices. They’re:

  • 1.4 times more likely to own a Smart TV;
  • 1.5 times more likely to own a Streaming Box/Stick;
  • 1.9 times more likely to own a Smart Watch;
  • 2.2 times more likely to own a Smart Thermostat;
  • 3.3 times more likely to own a Smart Hub; and
  • 6.6 times more likely to own a Smart Light System.

Whether or not Smart Speakers act as a “gateway” to owning such devices, it’s clear that as comScore’s analysts put it, they’re at the least “complementary” to these other connected devices.

For now, only time will tell if Smart Speaker penetration surges past 15% by year’s end.

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