CPC Benchmarks by Industry Show Insurance, Online Education Most Expensive

May 1, 2020

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SEMrush Average Search CPC by Industry May2020Cost-per-click (CPC) is one of the most commonly used metrics companies use to measure objectives. And, per new data from SEMRush shared with MarketingCharts, the Insurance and Online Education industries have the highest average CPC, with these industries spending at least 90% more per click than the next-highest category.

Using their CPC Map tool, SEMRush compared the cost of advertising on Google search ads across 17 industries. This analysis found the Insurance industry had the highest average CPC between 2019 and 2020, at a rate of $18.57 per click.

Online Education had the second-highest CPC at an average of $14.04, almost double that of the next-most expensive category, Marketing & Advertising ($7.40). Marketing & Advertising is followed by Legal ($6.97), Internet & Telecom ($5.94), and Online Banking ($5.08).

Industries such as Automobile Dealership ($2.47), Home & Garden ($2.09), Fitness & Health ($2.09) and Cryptocurrency ($1.87) had much lower CPCs, with the Electronics industry emerging with the lowest average CPC, at $0.83.

Compared to SEMRush’s CPC data from the previous year, 6 of the 17 industries surveyed experienced an increase in CPC. Jewelry saw the biggest change with an increase of 22%, while the Fitness & Health industry had an increase of less than 1%.

The remaining 11 industries all saw lower CPCs. Online Education experienced the biggest decrease (24%), while the Marketing & Advertising (19%) and Insurance (14%) industries also witnessed significant decreases.

However, given the significant changes to marketing caused by the coronavirus, only time will tell as to how CPC rates will fluctuate over 2020.

About the Data: Figures from SEMRush show the average costs for search advertising in the US for the time ranges 2019-2020 and 2018-2019. Data was collected using SEMRush’s CPC Map, which compares the costs of advertising on Google Ads in the top search industries.


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