About Half of Google Searches Now Result in No Clicks

October 1, 2019

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Zero-click searches are expected to be one of the top trends that will have a significant impact on SEO in the next few years. And, first the first time, in June 2019, zero-click searches breached the 50% mark in their share of Google searches, per data from SparkToro and Jumpshot.

In examining more than 140 million browser-based searches across millions of US mobile and desktop devices, the analysis revealed that 50.3% share of all Google searches were zero-click searches in June, while 45.3% of the searches were organic clicks. The remaining 4.4% of searches resulted in ad clicks, a figure more than double the share (2.1%) from Q1 2016.

It may not come as a surprise that nearly 7 in 10 (69.4% share) of all internet searches were performed on Google in Q2 2019, with another 20.5% share performed on Google Images. While zero-click searches did not hold its slight majority share of Google searches for the entire quarter, they did account for 49.8% of all searches in Q2 2019, up from 49.0% in Q1 2019.

The increase in zero-click searches, along with the share of organic click searches declining, appears to be due in a large part to mobile’s increasing influence. By June 2019, 61.9% share of mobile searches on Google were zero-click searches, having increased somewhat steadily since January 2016, when they accounted for 55.6% share. Organic search clicks declined considerably in the same time period, from 41.1% in January 2016 to 26.7% in June 2019.

More analysis and further data from SparkToro and Jumpshot can be viewed online here.

About the Data: Quarterly data is based on more than 2 billion browser-based searches across millions of mobile and desktop devices in the US.

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