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Ipsos Consumer Trust in Information Sources Nov2020About half of US adults say they trust the information they receive from reviews of products or services from other users or customers. This is per data from Ipsos that also shows that other sources of information do not amass the same degree of trust from consumers.

The adults surveyed report that they have a great deal of (10%) or a little (39%) trust in user or customer reviews on sites such as Yelp or Amazon. This is more than double the 21% share who say they have some degree of distrust in reviews, with the remainder neither trusting nor distrusting reviews.

Fewer than one-quarter (23%) of adults say they trust information from TV ads to some degree, outweighed by the share who distrust (38%) such information. Nonetheless, this is a more favorable picture than for influencers: only 15% say they have trust in the information provided by influencers, with more than 3 times as many (48%) distrusting this source of information. In fact, only slightly more respondents trust influencers than trust politicians (12%).

Some 3 in 10 (31%) adults express at least a little trust in the information that comes from companies or brands. However, the majority appears to be indifferent, with 45% saying they neither trust nor distrust information from brands. While this may be the case, other research has found that the majority of consumers do trust brands to deliver on their promises.

Separately, Ipsos’ data also shows that US adults expect technology brands to step up and take responsibility for actively enforcing that standards of behavior are followed on their platforms (71%), censoring or removing content proven to be misleading or untrue (68%) and educating people on how to act and behave on their platform (65%). More than half (54%) also believe that tech companies should financially support small businesses that make up their customer base.

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About the Data: Findings are based on surveys of more than 1,000 US adults conducted in August 2020.

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