Brands Are Enjoying High Engagement Rates on TikTok

June 6, 2022

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TikTok continues to soar in popularity, recently becoming the favorite social platform among US teens. The platform’s post engagement rates are also far surpassing other platforms, per recent research, although a new study [download page] from Conviva suggests that engagement rates are closely linked to follower count.

As part of its study, Conviva analyzed 1,500 verified brand TikTok accounts with a total of more than 591K videos, including 500 brand accounts, 150 news and media accounts, 75 sports leagues, 125 sports media accounts, 300 sports teams, and 350 TV and entertainment accounts. The data was collected in March 2022.

Average Engagement Rates

The results indicate that there’s a strong negative correlation between follower count and engagement rate. That is, the more followers, the lower the engagement rate.

For accounts with a follower count of less than 100K, the average engagement rate was a sky-high 28%. Double-digit engagement rates were maintained among accounts with follower numbers of 1-200K (14%) and 2-300K (12%), but then fell below the 10% mark for all accounts with larger follower counts. As such, the lowest engagement rates were for the biggest accounts – with more than 10 million followers – which averaged engagement rates of around 2%.

Overall, the average engagement rate across all of the verified accounts was 13.5%. Brands enjoyed the highest average engagement rate among the various account types identified, at 17.3%, though Conviva notes that brands had the smallest average follower counts (~600,000 on average), which could explain the high rates given the above-mentioned data.

Brands that want to increase their follower count might want to think about upping their posting frequency, per the report’s findings. Overall, the analyzed accounts posted 189 times in the year-long period from March 2021 to March 2022, a 13% increase from the previous year’s average. However the top 20 accounts by follower growth averaged 1,345 posts during that period, about 7.1x higher than the average. These accounts in fact averaged around 3-4 posts per day. Moreover, the analysis found that those accounts that posted more frequently (1,250+ times over the year) gained significantly more followers than those that posted less frequently (0-250), though it’s conceivable that frequency was not the only factor here (resources, brand size, advertising, etc., could have all played a role).

Top Accounts on TikTok

The top 5 accounts (among those analyzed) on TikTok by follower count in March 2022 were:

  • Flighthouse (28.1 million)
  • PSG (25.2 million)
  • ESPN (22.9 million)
  • Netflix (22.4 million)
  • Overtime (19.2 million)

Among accounts with a minimum of 50K followers and 20 video posted, Rolling Stone led the way in engagement rate with a mammoth 135.64%, followed by Entertainment Tonight, which also managed to exceed a 100% engagement rate (107.22%). For those accounts with a minimum of 1 million followers and 20 videos posted, Family Feud sported the top average engagement rate, of 41.57%.

As for follower growth, Tottenham Hotspur was the most prodigious, picking up 12.9 million followers during the yearlong period of analysis to arrive at 14.5 million in total. Champions League was next, picking up all of its 12.5 million followers, ahead of Manchester United (+11.8 million), Netflix (+10 million) and ESPN (+9.1 million).

Finally, among the brand accounts analyzed, Guinness World Records had the most total followers (19.1 million) and the largest year-over-year increase (7.8 million). Roblox was the next-largest in terms of follower size (7.9 million), ahead of Fortnite Official (7.7 million), Red Bull (6.5 million) and Crumbl Cookies (4.7 million). Among the top 50 brand accounts by follower size, #17 Among Us had the highest average engagement rate, of 11.41%.

The full report is available for download here.


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