Employee Advocacy: Most Will Share Company Posts if Encouraged

November 22, 2022

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Research has found that consumers are 3 times more likely to trust information about a company when it comes from an employee versus the company’s CEO. There are various reasons for companies to invest in employee advocacy programs, but why might employees engage? Survey results from Sprout Social investigate.

The survey was fielded among 1,110 social media users who self-confirmed their employment status. The results indicate that respondents tend to find educational content and employee updates the most engaging, and are the most likely to share these types of social content. Brands are described by most as authentic, approachable and interesting when posting about their employees’ achievements and stories.

By contrast, respondents are least likely to feel that giveaways or challenges are engaging or shareable.

So how to activate employees? Removing friction is one way to start: 62% of respondents would post company content to their personal pages if their company wrote it for them.

Beyond that, when asked why they would share company posts on their personal accounts, a majority (56%) said they would do so if their company encouraged them to do so. A little incentive wouldn’t help either: 61% would if their company provided a financial incentive.

Majorities would also engage in employee advocacy if they were happy with their job at the company (59%) and if they were proud of the content they were sharing (52%).

Fewer said they would be motivated to do so because they believe their network would find value in the content, or because the content will help build their personal brand.

It would be well worth it for companies to take these factors into account. The brand activism attribute that people care most about is how companies treat their employees. What better way to hear about that than from employees themselves.


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