More Americans Say They’re Engaging with Brands on Social Platforms

January 10, 2023

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A growing share of American adults are using various major social media platforms, and that appears to be translating to an increase in the number who are using these platforms for brand engagement. Recent data from Attest indicates that only 12% of working-age consumers in the US don’t interact with and/or follow brands on social media.

That’s based on a survey of 2,000 working-age US consumers that ended November 7, 2022. In comparison with a year-earlier survey (that ended November 10, 2021), the data shows that more are interacting with brands on social media, as in that earlier survey almost 17% said they weren’t doing so.

The research delved into the specific platforms on which respondents interact with or follow brands, finding a year-over-year increase in each one.

The latest survey finds that Facebook continues to be the top platform for brand interactions, with 61.8% of respondents reporting interacting with and/or following brands they’re interested in on the platform. There was only modest growth for Facebook in this regard, up a couple of percentage points from the year earlier (59.7%).

By comparison, there was more growth for the next-most used platforms for these purposes. Some 54.6% said they follow brands on YouTube, a 15% increase from 47.4% a year earlier. Next up, 45.2% reported interacting with brands they’re interested in on Instagram, up by almost 19% from 38.1% in 2021. And, not surprisingly, the ever-more-popular TikTok showed the most rapid growth of the platforms listed, with 35% interacting with brands on it, up by almost 40% from one-quarter (25.1%) a year earlier.

That’s likely to continue this year, as brands have been enjoying high engagement rates on the platform and have made it a key target for increased investment.

Finally, at least 1 in 5 respondents said they interact with and/or follow brands on Twitter (26.2%), Snapchat (22.6%) and Pinterest (20.2%), while about 1 in 12 (8.1%) do so on Twitch.


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