Instagram Reels Garnering High Engagement Rates

February 28, 2023

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Social video is the top consumer trend that marketers will be keeping an eye on this year, and perhaps with good reason. TikTok continues to lead other major social media platforms in post engagement rates, albeit a slide in Q4 2022, and Reels is still the top-performing post type on Instagram, according to recent data from Socialinsider.

In analyzing brand post engagement rates across industries during 2022, Socialinsider reveals that TikTok and Instagram far outpaced Facebook and Twitter throughout the year, though TikTok suffered from a 67% drop in median post interactions during Q4.

As seen earlier in the year, Meta’s answer to TikTok – Reels – outperforms other post types on Instagram. For the year overall, Reels averaged a post engagement rate of 1.44%, ahead of Carousel (1.00%), Image (0.71%) and Video (0.65%) posts.

Among Retail brands examined, photos were the dominant post type shared in 2022, accounting for about half (51.2%) of posts during the year. Carousels (25.7% share) were next, followed by Reels (15.5%) and Videos (7.6%). Retail brands tended to underperform on Instagram; Reels led the way in average engagement rate per post, but at just 0.9%, while Carousels were next at 0.49%.

Meanwhile, Status (0.26%) posts had the highest average engagement rate among all brands measured across industries on Facebook, followed closely by Photos (0.24%), Videos (0.23%) and Albums (0.21%).

On Twitter, Videos (0.1%) edged Photos (0.08%) for the highest average post engagement rate.

Check out the overall findings and industry-specific reports here.


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