Half of US Snapchat Users Also Use Instagram On Any Given Day

December 5, 2017

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Research has suggested that only about 1 in 10 teen Snapchat users are unique to the platform and not also using Instagram. But to what extent do Snapchat users use other social platforms on a given day? Data released by App Annie offers some answers.

App Annie analyzed “Snapchat Audience Exclusivity” – measured as the percentage of Snapchat users in the US who do or do not use a number of other platforms on any given day.

The report reveals that American Snapchat users are most likely to be also using Facebook on a typical day – with 60% doing so. Given Facebook’s broad reach, it makes sense that it would have the greatest overlap, even with its limited appeal among Snapchat’s core demographic of youth.

What about Instagram – the platform to which Snapchat is often compared? Roughly half of “Snapchatters” also use Instagram on a typical day, per the report, though that means that half are exclusive to Snapchat (at least in comparison to Instagram).

Meanwhile, the highest levels of audience exclusivity for Snapchat come when compared to Twitter use (only 20% also using Twitter) and WhatsApp use (just 8% also using it on a typical day).

Many 25-44-Year-Old Users Are Exclusive to Snapchat

While one might assume that Snapchat’s most loyal users are teens and Millennials, many 25-44-year-olds are also exclusive to the platform.

App Annie’s data in fact shows that fully 29% of Snapchat users ages 25-44 don’t overlap with Facebook on a typical day. Exactly half don’t use Instagram in tandem with Snapchat, while once again exclusivity is highest when looking at concurrent use of Twitter (82% not also using) and WhatsApp (89% not using).

Overall, the exclusivity of the 25-44 audience isn’t markedly different to the exclusivity of Snapchat users as a whole.

Research released earlier this year found that the age distribution of Snapchat’s audience had changed drastically in 2016 compared to 2015. In December 2016, for example, 30% of the adult audience was 45 and older, compared to 12.2% of the adult audience in December 2015.

About the Data: App Annie examined Snapchat users ages 13 and older in the second half of 2017, on iPhone and Android phones.


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