Consumers: Netflix Produces the Best Original Content

March 25, 2020

Hub Brand Producing Best Original TV Mar2020TV and subscription video-on-demand (SVOD) brands have been investing billions of dollars to acquire new content, with much of that investment going into creating original shows. There’s good reasoning behind this expenditure, as a new report [download page] from Hub Entertainment Research reveals that more than half (54%) of viewers ages 16-34 have signed up for a subscription service to get one particular show.

When it comes to producing original content, Netflix takes the crown. Among the more than 2,000 consumers ages 16-74-years-old surveyed – all of whom watch at least one hour of TV per week and have access to broadband – almost one-quarter (23%) mentioned Netflix  when asked which brand produces the best original shows.

Netflix’s dominance in the area of original content is clear when looking at the rest of the top 5 networks mentioned. A mere 6% each mentioned Amazon Prime Video and ESPN when asked about original content, while CBS and HBO were mentioned by 5% and 4% of respondents, respectively.

It’s possible that Netflix’s dominance – at least among streaming platforms – is related to its widespread adoption, also. Far more Americans have had the chance to sample Netflix’s original content than Amazon Prime Video’s, for example. Nonetheless, the study shows that the term “original content” is most heavily associated with Netflix.

For many viewers, the term “original” impacts the level of interest they have in a show. Nearly 3 in 5 consumers say that they are either a little more (41%) or a lot more (16%) interested in shows that are branded as “original.”

Most Indispensable Networks

Last year, Hub Entertainment Research found that some 44% of consumers surveyed felt that Netflix was the most indispensable network brand. Although Netflix remains top of the list as the network viewers would have a hard time doing without, fewer (39%) this year tabbed it as indispensable.

Other brands considered indispensable include CBS (28%), ABC (28%), NBC (26%) and ESPN (22%). Disney+, which only launched in the US and other select regions in November 2019 and is one of several new entrants to the subscription video streaming market, has already become indispensable to 14% of viewers surveyed.

Furthermore, it appears that Disney+ subscribers are more likely to sign up for a new service for one particular show, with 61% saying they have done just that in the past year.

Viewing Behaviors Differ with Age

In contrast to the 54% of 16-34-year-olds who have subscribed to a new video service to view a particular show, only 22% of viewers 35 years and older reported the same. And this is not the only difference between age groups.

Older viewers (44%) are more likely to choose a show based on its genre than younger viewers (32%). They are also slightly more likely to choose a show based on which network it’s on (24% vs. 19%).

On the other hand, younger viewers seem more likely to be interested in watching shows where all episodes are on at once (25% vs. 16%). Taking this a bit further, they are also somewhat more likely to be interested in shows that are easy to binge view (25% vs. 19%).

Additionally, while 16-34-year-olds named streaming services Netflix (53%, Hulu (26%) and Disney+ (25%) as the top networks they would choose if their choices were limited, those ages 35 and older opted for broadcast TV networks CBS (38%), NBC (35%) and ABC (35%) over the others.

An extract of the report can be downloaded here.

About the Data: Results are based on a survey of 2,015 consumers ages 16-74 years old, all of which watch at least one hour of TV per week and have access to broadband.


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