Viewing Hours for CTV Device Leaders Grew by 55% in Q1

May 21, 2020

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Conviva CTV Streaming Time Growth May2020Connected TV (CTV) device market share leaders Roku and Fire TV each saw a 55% year-over-year increase in viewing hours in Q1, according to Conviva’s State of Streaming report [download page] for Q1 2020. As much of the world was told to stay at home, overall time spent streaming increased by 20% between February and March, leading to an increase in viewing time across major CTV devices. Despite the increased viewing load there were improvements in some quality metrics.

With the highest share of global CTV viewing time (44%), Roku enjoyed a 55% increase in viewing hours year-over-year in Q1. Together with Fire TV (55%), this was the biggest increase among the major CTV devices. Xbox (10% of viewing time) follows with an increase of 47%, while Apple TV (8% share) viewing time climbed by 25%. Previous data from FreeWheel also showed Roku to have the highest share (43%) of CTV premium video ad views.

Roku also came out on top in terms of average minutes per play, at 29.6 minutes. Given that this provider offers ad-supported viewing, this may be good news for brands behind the rise in audience-targeted premium ads.

Fire TV viewers watched for an average of 26.7 minutes per play, closely followed by Xbox (26.3) and Apple TV (24.1).

Fortunately for viewers, overall streaming quality improved across the board year-over-year. Picture quality was 25% better, buffering improved by 27%, and video start failures improved by 14%. Overall video start time saw no change for better or worse, as improvements in mobile and TV video start time (3% and 4% respectively) were balanced by PCs’ 12% slower start time.

Roku was the only device to net improvements across the board in quality, with the biggest improvement in every category compared to competitors. Most significantly, Roku’s video start failure was down by 49%, compared to Fire TV’s -7%, while start failures increased with Apple TV (+36%) and Xbox (+71%).

Read the full report here.

About the Data: Based on an analysis of data primarily collected from Conviva’s proprietary sensor technology currently embedded in three billing streaming video applications, measuring in excess of 500 million unique viewers watching 150 billion streams per year.


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