In-App Video Ads Completed At Higher Rates Than Mobile Web Ads

September 15, 2020

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ExtremeReach Digital Video Ad Completion Rates in Q2 Sept2020In-app video ads saw a completion rate of 79% in Q2 this year, ahead of the comparable figure for mobile web video ads, according to recent data [download page] from Extreme Reach. Here’s a look at how the two mobile ad formats compared this past quarter.

The analysis of Q2 video impressions served by Extreme Reach is the first to separate mobile results into impressions served in-app versus through mobile web. So, while unable to identify any running trends, the report highlights that ads served in-app in Q2 2020 had more than twice as many impressions (26%) as mobile web video ads (12%).

The report indicates that mobile’s share of video ad impressions increased from 25% in Q2 2019 to 38% in Q2 2020, having grown steadily from one quarter to the next. Still, as in each quarter since Q2 2019, the largest share (40%) of impressions was accounted for by CTV ads.

Besides impressions, there are also distinctions to be found between mobile app and mobile web ads when it comes to video completion rate. In-app ads were completed at a higher rate (79%) in Q2 2020 than mobile web ads (64%).

Once again, CTV saw the highest figures for video ad completion rate (98%) compared to any other device in Q2, having increased slightly y-o-y from 95% in Q2 2019.

Other Highlights

  • Premium publishers, defined as direct sellers of digital inventory such as broadcast networks or content providers, accounted for the majority (65%) of video ad impressions in Q2 this year, compared to the 35% accounted for by media aggregators.
  • 30-second ads constituted nearly 8 in 10 (79%) impressions in Q2 2020, compared to 20% for 15-second ads.
  • Average video completion rate has been steadily but modestly declining, down to 84% this past quarter from 89% in the year-earlier period.
  • There has been little change in the average time spent watching ads of 15 and 30 seconds over the past year, with these figures currently at 13 and 26 seconds respectively.

Read the full report here.

About the Data: Findings are based on “the aggregate performance metric from AdBridge™, which tracks campaigns for a diverse set of brands across multiple categories.” Mobile app and mobile web data include both smartphones and tablets.


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