When it Comes to Mobile Viewing, YouTube Blows Away Other Video Streaming Sites in US Hours per User

February 4, 2021

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AppAnnie Video Apps Hours per User Jan2021TikTok “encroaches on video streaming war” and could present a “competitive threat” to video platforms, as its usage more than doubled year-over-year in 2020 among Netflix users with iPhones. That’s according to new data [download page] from App Annie, which reported new data for the video streaming market over the last year.

According to the report, YouTube retains the top spot among video streaming apps in 2020 based on average monthly hours spent per user – and did so by some margin. [Note: Unless otherwise stated, the following data is collected from Android phones only, and excludes News and Sports streaming apps]. Averaging 23.1 hours per user per month in the US, YouTube significantly outperformed the next app, Netflix, which saw 5.7 hours of viewing per month per user. Not only that, but YouTube was the #1 ranking video streaming app by this metric in all markets analyzed save for China.

Looking at total quarterly hours spent with video streaming apps, the effects of the pandemic are clear. In the United States, streaming rose from 9.4 billion hours in Q4 of 2019 to 11.2 billion in Q2 of 2020 as Americans stayed at home and turned to their screens. And, even as the year ended, Q4 saw users streaming 10.5 billion hours of video on their Android phones.

It’s also clear from the data that 2020 was the year streamers increased their TikTok usage. Among US iPhone users streaming via Netflix, nearly half (49%) also used Tik Tok in Q4 2020. This more than doubles the share (21%) who did so in Q4 2019.

Additionally, the report details the breakout apps with the biggest year-over-year growth in time spent streaming. In the US, Disney+ took the top spot among breakout apps, followed by Roku, Tubi TV, Twitch and Amazon Prime Video.

Other research has confirmed Disney+’s place as a competitor in the streaming landscape, including Hub Entertainment Research data finding that users rated it as high as Netflix in a number of categories.

Read the full report here.

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