US Adults Unhappy with Streaming Video Ad Loads

November 11, 2021
MorningConsult Video Streaming Service Ad Loads Nov2021

Although US adults have embraced ad-supported streaming services, they are not necessarily pleased with the number of ads they are seeing. Fewer than 4 in 10 say that the number of ads they are shown on streaming services is about the right amount, per a recent survey from Morning Consult.

Only a small share (7%) of the 2,200 US adults surveyed say they don’t watch ad-supported content. And, while 37% of respondents say they are being shown the right amount of ads when watching streaming content, a full 44% think they are being shown too many ads and there should be less. This sentiment is most prevalent with Gen Z, with half (51%) of respondents in this age range saying there are too many ads on ad-supported streaming services.

In general, the majority of consumers prefer to see ads that are relevant to them. This more recent survey reiterates the importance of relevant ads. Half of the respondents report being either very bothered (24%) or somewhat bothered (27%) by ads not being relevant to them or their life. 

Although half (51%) of respondents say they aren’t bothered by ads that are too relevant to them, there are mixed feelings when it comes to targeted ads.  Close to two-thirds (64%) describe targeted ads as invasive and 52% describe them as creepy. That said, many respondents also describe targeted ads as informative (57%) and helpful (50%).

A little more than half of those adults surveyed find targeted ads on streaming services very invasive (22%) or somewhat invasive (33%). However, it’s targeted ads on social media that appear to be the most troublesome. Two-thirds of respondents say that targeted ads on social are at least somewhat invasive, with 32% saying they are very invasive.

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About the Data: Findings are based on a September survey of 2,200 US adults.

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