Shorter Video Ads Have Higher Completion Rates, but Lower CTRs

June 2, 2022

The vast majority of video ads served globally through Innovid’s platform last year were 30 seconds or less, according to Innovid’s Global Benchmarks Report for 2021 [download page]. The most common length was 15 seconds, constituting about half (50.5%) of the ads, while close to one-third (31.1%) were 15 seconds long.

Another eighth or so (13.7%) were 10 seconds or less, such that less than 5% of the ads were longer than 30 seconds.

Interestingly enough, while longer ads trailed their shorter counterparts in completion rates, they did result in higher click-through rates. The highest click-through rate (CTR) was recorded for 60-second ads, at 1.4%. By comparison, the CTR on ads of 10 seconds or less was 0.4%.

Completion rates were considerably higher for shorter ads, though, with the highest levels recorded for 30-second (85.9%) ads and those of 10 seconds or less (82.5%). Minute-long ads averaged a completion rate of 68.4%.

North America Propels CTV to the Lead

On a global basis, connected TV (CTV) devices overtook mobile as the leader in video impression share, per the report. Last year these devices accounted for 46% share of video impressions, up from 40% in 2020. By comparison, mobile accounted for 39%, down from 43%. The remainder was held by PCs, at 15%. CTV’s share of video ad impressions was highest for the Travel (63%), Auto (60%) and QSR (58%) categories.

CTV’s leading position masks significant variation by region, however. In fact, CTV held the smallest share (22%) of impressions among devices in the EMEA region. In the APAC region, CTV and PC each accounted for just 11% of video ad impressions on Innovid’s platform, with mobile (79%) far ahead.

In fact, North America was the only region where CTV held the lead among devices. It captured 48% share of impressions in North America, compared to 38% for mobile and 15% for PC.

For more, download the report here.

About the Data: The results are based on an analysis of 286 billion video ad impressions served on Innovid’s platform in 2021.


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