What Are the Benefits of Video Distribution on Premium Publisher Sites vs. Social Platforms?

February 5, 2018

Social media platforms and premium publisher sites offer distinct benefits to advertisers when it comes to video distribution, per results from a Trusted Media Brands (TMB) study [pdf]. While advertisers see the benefit of social’s audience targeting capabilities and engagement, they rate premium publisher sites highly for brand safety and expertise in content creation.

In terms of content creation, fully 44% of respondents agreed that branded video created by publishers and content sites connects better with audiences than content created by an independent content agency or by the brand itself. Just 17% disagreed, with the remainder neutral on the topic.

Another key advantage for premium publisher sites, brand safety, is important in light of recent survey data [download page] from gumgum and Digiday Media suggesting that three-quarters of brands have had at least one brand-unsafe exposure in the past year.

Nonetheless, separate research indicates that while digital media buyers are concerned with brand safety, ROI is a more pressing concern. And apparently that’s an area in which premium publisher sites excel, also.

The TMB survey, conducted by Advertiser Perceptions, asked respondents which fares better across several attributes: premium publisher sites, or social platforms.

Publishers won out for several measures including the ability to measure success, performance/ROI, and ease of collaboration. Social platforms, for their part, were rated more highly for their ability to scale and for engagement.

Whichever platform they choose (and social platforms have been gaining steam over video platforms and publishers), the report makes the case that branded video is finding appeal with advertisers. To wit, respondents were evenly split on preferred formats, with 29% opting for branded video as more important to their overall video strategy and 29% saying pre/mid/post-roll is more important. (Another 37% deemed them equally important.)

It’s worth noting that marketers showed a preference for branded video, while agencies said traditional video ads are more important to them.

Looking ahead, more than one-third (35%) of respondents plan to increase their spending on branded video, ahead of the 28% who expect to hike their spending on pre/mid/post-roll ads.

About the Data: The results are based on a survey of almost 300 media decision-makers in the US involved in digital/mobile advertising.


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