US Facebook Advertising CPM and CTR Benchmarks, by Industry, in Q1 2016

June 20, 2016

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Salesforce-US-Facebook-Ad-CPM-CTR-by-Industry-in-Q1-June2016Facebook advertising CPMs grew by 86% year-over-year in Q1 2016 to exceed $7 in the US, according to the Advertising Index Q1 2016 Report [download page] from Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Average CPMs and CPM growth were higher within the US than on a global level, though click-through rates were comparable (0.98% in the US; 1% globally).

Within the US, the travel sector had the highest CPM, of $7.94, more than double that of the gaming vertical ($3.09). The travel industry also sported the highest ad click-through rates on Facebook, at almost 5 times the rate of the gaming industry (2.52% and 0.51%, respectively).

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Interestingly, those industry trends were not consistent across countries. In Australia, for example, gaming had the second-highest CPM, just slightly below retail. Both were significantly more expensive than the travel industry. And in the UK, CPMs for gaming ads were more than double those of CPG ads, despite CPG seeing higher CPMs in the US than gaming.

Meanwhile, turning to mobile app install ads, the report indicates that:

  • CPMs were higher in the US ($8.49) than the global average ($7.29); though
  • CPI (cost per install) was about the same in the US ($3.85) as globally ($3.82); with
  • CPI increasing at a slightly slower rate in the US (26%) as on a global basis (35%).

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    A more complete list of Facebook ad benchmarks (covering Q1 2015) than released in this latest Salesforce report can be accessed here.


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