Mobile Gaming Peaks in the Evening

December 19, 2012

Jumptap-Mobile-Gaming-by-Time-of-Day-Dec2012Mobile gamers place a high level of value on the experience gaming provides, according to survey results from Wave Collapse, and they’re most likely to want to have that experience at night time, finds Jumptap [download page] in its December MobileSTAT report. Analyzing mobile gaming traffic by time of day, the report finds that 68% occurs in the afternoon (31%) and night (37%), and that mobile gamers don’t stay up late or get up early to play. In fact, just 10% of mobile gaming traffic occurs late at night, and 22% in the morning. Jumptap recommends that advertisers day-part “in the evening with heavy-ups on smartphone and tablet devices.”

Mobile Gamers Span the Population Spectrum

Mobile gaming audiences vary by game, says the Jumptap report. Comparing the audiences of 2 of the most popular games, Angry Birds and Words with Friends, the study reveals that Angry Birds gamers are 7% more likely to be male, 14% more likely to be grandfathers, 24% more likely to be new parents, and 16% more likely to be fishermen, among others. Words with Friends gamers are 77% more likely to be grandmothers, 17% more likely to be affluents, 11% more likely to be foodies, and 23% more likely to be cat owners.

Of course, relative comparisons don’t necessarily mean that these population segments are heavy gamers, or even heavily attracted to these games. The comparison instead serves to illustrate that different games draw very different demographics.

Pharma Brands Get Most Uplift From Gaming Channel

The study also looks at the top performing verticals (by click-through rate) on the Jumptap Gaming Channel, measured by the percentage of uplift over the average. In this case, pharmaceutical brands topped the list, with a 315% uplift, with game companies next, at 196%. There was a big drop-off to the next 3 categories: retail (35%); automotive (17%); and sports retail (9%).

Other Findings:

  • Washington DC has the highest concentration of gamers, with 29 mobile gaming requests per resident, almost 5 times the amount of any other US location (states) examined. Arizona came in dead last.
  • Jumptap observed a spike in Angry Birds traffic near Walmart stores the evening before Thanksgiving and the morning of Black Friday, suggesting that consumers are playing games while waiting in line or shopping.
  • Virtually all (99%) of gaming traffic occurs on iOS and Android devices, with iOS taking the lead at 52% of traffic.

About the Data: MobileSTAT (Simple Targeting & Audience Trends) is a monthly glance into targeting and audience trends in mobile advertising through Jumptap’s network of over 30 billion impressions, 134 million US users and 30,000 apps and websites.


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