Do Commuters Listen to AM/FM Radio Ads In the Car?

April 18, 2016

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EdisonResearch-Commuter-Response-AMFM-Radio-Ads-Apr2016Source: Edison Research

    Notes: 9 in 10 commuters listen to traditional AM/FM radio while in their car on the way to work, finds Edison Research in newly-released survey results, with AM/FM radio easily beating out CDs (62%), owned digital music files (54%) and streaming internet radio (42%) as the most common form of in-car audio during commute time. So what happens when ads come on? Among those who listen to an AM/FM station that plays commercials, the largest group (29%) don’t typically switch away, but 23% say they tune away immediately.

    Overall, 71% switch at some point during commercials: 23% tune away immediately; 25% say they listen to part of one commercial; and 23% listen to at least one commercial.

    The findings are interesting in light of research released several years ago that found radio delivering 93% of its lead-in audience during commercial breaks.

    Interestingly, among the Edison Research respondents who listen to Pandora during their commute, fully 61% say they don’t switch away at a commercial break, while only 12% tune away immediately.

    Meanwhile, returning to favored in-car audio sources, while 43% of the total sample would choose traditional AM/FM radio given only one choice, respondents who have ever listened to streaming internet radio during their commute would take that choice (28%) over traditional AM/FM radio (25%).

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        About the Data: The results are based on a November 2015 survey of 1,117 American adults who commute to work for more than 20 minutes and commute to work alone.


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