Modern B2B Marketing Said Most Influenced by Tech-Tracked ROI, Social Media

March 5, 2013

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BtoB-Changes-Contributing-to-Modern-B2B-Marketing-Mar2013Today’s “modern marketer” has moved from outbound, advertising and intuition-based marketing to a new inbound model that emphasizes digital channels, multiple touchpoints, and data analytics, according to [download page] a study from BtoB magazine, sponsored by Eloqua. Respondents to the survey overwhelmingly pointed to the ability to track marketing ROI due to technology (60%) and the use of social media in marketing (58%) as the forces that have contributed most to this change.

Separate results from the study illustrate the importance of ROI to today’s marketers. Asked their most important measure to gauge success, a plurality 35% of respondents pointed to marketing ROI. Marketing’s influence on sales (24%) and conversion rate (16%) were the next most common choices.

The study also breaks down the composition of the ideal modern marketer, and compares today’s marketers’ performance against it. Looking at the relative mix and importance of 5 competencies of the modern marketer, the study finds that:

  • Targeting should account for 30% of overall success (currently 21%);
  • Engagement should account for 24% (currently at 16%);
  • Conversion should account for 19% (currently at 12%);
  • Marketing technology should account for 14% (currently at 9%); and
  • Analytics should account for 13% (currently at 8%).

Taken in combination then, marketers see themselves as only 65% of the way to the ideal. On a relative basis, they see themselves as most behind in analytics and marketing technology.

About the Data: In January 2013, BtoB surveyed 556 B2B marketing professionals representative of the market: 54% of respondents said their company revenue is less than $100 million, 18% reported revenue of $100 million to $499 million, 8% said their companies have revenue of $500 million to $999 million, and 20% reported annual revenue of $1 billion or more. Marketers from technology companies comprised 29% of all respondents, with financial services companies (including accounting, banking, insurance and real estate) at 9% of the total, and consulting firms, publishing/media companies and manufacturing companies each at 8%.


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