Speed-to-Call Important in Converting New Leads

November 9, 2015

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Velocify-Impact-Speed-to-Call-Conversion-Nov2015Source: Velocify [download page]

    Notes: Calling a new lead within a minute can result in a conversion rate more than twice as high as a call to a lead that occurs 48 hours later, reports Velocify in a new study. The results bring to mind a similar study released 3 years ago by Velocify (then Leads360), in which a call to a new lead placed within a minute boosted the conversion rate by almost 400% over a later call. Despite the apparent impact of speed-to-call on conversion, Velocify notes that 51% of the leads it analyzed for the report were not called for at least 48 hours.

    In other noteworthy results:

    • 95% of converted leads are contacted by the 6th call attempt, compared to 51% that are contacted on the first attempt;
    • Almost one-third (32%) of inquiries tracked never received a single phone call;
    • When following a 6-call strategy, leaving two voicemails is ideal (34% lift over leaving no voicemails), though leaving too many can have the opposite effect, as leads that were left 5 or more voicemails were less likely to convert than those that were left no voicemails; and
    • Leaving the first voicemail on the second call attempt returned the greatest increase in conversion rate.

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