Adweek Illustrates Publishing’s Demise | SAP Cedes Marketing Automation Market to Adobe | B2B Robot Buying Firm Raises $15MM to Hire Humans

March 25, 2014

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  • You know it’s gotten bad for publishers when Adweek puts out
    an article, that’s actually a paid placement, the gist of which is a
    how-to for marketers to build content teams so that they don’t need
    publishers anymore.

Marketing Automation:

  • SAP saw writing on the wall,
    and apparently it read “Pack it in,” as the ERP software’s main front
    end for marketing automation is now a resold version of Adobe Marketing


  • Even the business-to-business market is running the way of robots these days, with Demandbase – a B2B demand-side platform – getting $15 million in funding to, ironically, hire more humans.

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