Only 1 in 3 B2B Buyers Willing to Share Phone Number in Exchange for Content

March 29, 2017

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B2B buyers are, in large part, willing to share their name, company and email address in exchange for content (95%), and even their job title or industry (85%), per results from a Demand Gen Report (DGR) study [download page]. But getting them to divulge their phone number is a different story, as just one-third of respondents reported a willingness to do so for content. Still fewer are prepared to disclose their budget, purchase timing and annual revenue (18%).

This may explain low form completion rates, which hover around the 17% mark based on 11 fields (and presumably including some of the above data that buyers are unwilling to share).

In alignment with the DGR survey results, another report concerning B2B marketing data found that it was common for key data such as revenue, employee and industry info and phone numbers to be missing.

Meanwhile, almost half of the B2B buyers surveyed in this latest research felt that the degree to which they relied on content to research and make B2B purchasing decisions had grown from last year. Case studies, white papers, and webinars were the most commonly used types of content, while white papers (76%) and e-books (63%) emerged as the content types for which buyers would be most willing to share their information.

About the Data: Demand Gen Report’s 2017 Content Preferences Survey polled 189 buyers of B2B products and services about their use of content in making purchasing decisions. One third of respondents serve the technology/software industry and 28% offer business services / consulting. The majority of respondents hold C-level, VP-level or Director-level positions from companies with annual revenue of over $10 million.


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