The World’s 10 Most-Purchased FMCG Brands Last Year Were…

June 16, 2022

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Coca-Cola was the “most-chosen” FMCG brand in the world last year, a title it has held several times over the years, according to the latest “Brand Footprint” rankings from Kantar.

Coca-Cola was “chosen” roughly 6.63 billion times in the period of analysis, using a measure called “Consumer Reach Points” (CRPs). CRPs are determined by looking at the number of households in a country, multiplying that by the percentage of households purchasing a brand, and then multiplying that by the number of interactions with the brand across categories in the given year.

Coca-Cola’s leading position is based off an estimated 43.6% of global households purchasing the brand an average of 12.3 times last year. While #2 Colgate had higher penetration among households (57.3%), it was purchased less frequently (6 times on average). In fact, Colgate was the only brand bought by a majority of the world’s households, while Coca-Cola was one of only 3 in the top 25 purchased more than 10 times during the year – the other two being instant noodle brand Indomie (30.1 times) and laundry brand Sunlight (10.5 times).

All of the top 10 brands remained from the 2020 rankings, with Maggi (#3) and Lifebuoy (#4) and Nescafé (#7) and Indomie (#8) swapping places.

In other results from the study:

  • The average household buys 55 FMCG brands in a year, a figure that has remained remarkably consistent over the past decade, with each year seeing households buying an average of 55 or 56 brands.
  • Over the decade-long period of 2012-2021, the FMCG industry grew by 33%, with roughly half of that increase attributable to population growth of 17%.
  • During that decade-long period, the total number of annual FMCG brand choices (CRPs) for the top 250 brands increased by 16.2%, in line with population growth. However for the top 50 brands CRP growth was slower, at 9.4%. Among the biggest of the big (the top 10), growth was 10.7%.
  • Last year 60% of increases for growth brands came from a combination of higher penetration and higher frequency, with 26% from higher penetration only and the remaining 14% from higher frequency only.
  • The number of brands chosen more than 1 billion times now stands at 28, up from 16 in 2012.
  • Three brands had penetration growth of 1% point: Maggi; Pepsi; and Vim.

Finally, in a separate release, Kantar reveals that Coca-Cola was the most-chosen brand online last year, ahead of Nescafé, Heinz, Pepsi and Colgate. The analysts note that the online channel’s growth has been 18 times higher than the industry baseline over the past decade, reaching 7.2% share of market value in 2021.

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