Newspaper Website Users 50% More Likely than Non-Users to Be Influencers

December 12, 2007

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Newspaper website users are 52% more likely to be Influencers* than newspaper website non-users – 47% vs. 31% – according to (pdf) a new study by the Newspaper National Network LP.

Immediate family, friends and coworkers are the core subjects within their influence circle.

Moreover, adults who use newspaper websites and read printed newspapers (“Crossovers”) influence, on average, 18 people per week – some 38% more than web users who do not use a newspaper website (13 people per week).

Newspaper website users are also more likely to be asked their opinion in all product categories measured in the study, particularly Investments (+63%), Fashion (+69%) and Sports (+38%).


In addition, newspaper website users are more confident than non-newspaper website users that their advice is taken by others, especially by business colleagues (+64%) and common interest groups (+45%).


Newspapers website users are even more likely than social network users to be rated more highly in key Influencer metrics. For example, newspaper website users are 37% more likely to say they are thought of as a thought leader than a follower.

“Newspaper publishers should work more creatively with their advertisers to find ways to engage this highly influential audience in word of mouth conversation, both online as well as offline,” said Ed Keller, CEO of the Keller Fay Group and coauthor of The Influentials. “The impact could be dramatic.”

Additional findings from the study:

  • Adults who use newspaper websites and read printed newspapers are 82% more likely to be early adopters of new products and the latest technology as compared to newspaper website non-users.


  • Newspaper website users are more apt to believe their newspaper websites have credible advertising as compared with users of other non-newspaper websites:
    • 37% newspaper website users
    • 17% social network website users
    • 25% search engine users
    • 26% special interest users
  • Key engagement metrics for newspaper websites:
    • Influence the way users think about things (+64%)
    • Reliable source of information (+35%)
    • Give me something to talk about (+27%)
    • Seen as a thought leader rather than a follower (+60%)

* Adults who share their opinions in at least three different ways, according to the MRI definition.

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More findings are available in this study summary (pdf).

About the study: Millward Brown conducted the NNN/NAA 2007 Newspaper National Network Website Influencer Study in September/October 2007 via a web-based interview of 1,501 Adults 18+ who are web users. The panel included readers of both print and online newspapers (Crossovers), newspaper online readers (Newspaper Website Users) and online users not reading newspapers online (Newspaper Website Non-Users). The sample was national in scope.


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