New Movers’ Most Common Service Provider Changes

February 2, 2015

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Epsilon-Movers-Most-Common-Service-Provider-Changes-Feb2015Source: Epsilon [download page]

    Notes: The most popular reasons for moving are to have more space (22%), be in a new neighborhood (18%) and be closer to family (18%), according to an Epsilon survey of 963 households that had recently moved. Movers present opportunities for marketers, as 75% of owners and 57% of renters reported making purchases related to their move, with furniture the most popular type. Meanwhile, although movers most commonly changed water providers, roughly one-third of internet (33%) and cable TV (32%) account holders switched providers on account of their relocation. Interestingly, almost 1 in 10 cell phone owners said they had switched providers.

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        About the Data: Epsilon describes its methodology as follows:

        “Epsilon’s Target New Mover file was used to select U.S. households whose move was reported in the October 2013 to October 2014 timeframe. Epsilon’s proprietary consumer panel was used to invite households to complete a custom survey on the topic of moving experiences. The data was collected from 963 households from October 29 ”“ November 4, 2014. Results are shown for the total sample and/or by demographic groups.

        Responders were split in their role of purchasing household products and services, with about half being the sole decision-maker on household purchases and the other half sharing the decision with someone else. Responders also had lived in their current home for various lengths of time: 43% had lived in their current home for fewer than 6 months, 31% for 7-11 months and 26% for 1-2 years. The responders were mostly female (78%), 50+ years of age (66%) and married (61%).”

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